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The 7+ Essential Referral Strategies were created to be your Referral Assistant.

If you’re a busy agent or lender, you don’t have the time or resources to organize your database, write a personal birthday message to each of your clients, set-up a contest to engage your clients, write a monthly Referral Reminder postcard (and mail it!), send a monthly Letter from the Heart email, create Facebook posts, and write and send a client-centered newsletter.


The Certified By Referral Only Consultant (CBROC) designation is what will set you apart from all other agents and lenders.

It tells your clients and prospects that you’ve done the work that makes you referable. CBROC says you’ve put the systems and processes in your business to create a world-class client experience for your clients and anyone they refer to you.

When you build a referral-based business you create the most sustainable, the most enjoyable and the most profitable business possible!



Scott Asbell

Right before I joined BRO I spent $14,000 in advertising that didn’t yield a single lead.

It was very frustrating and I knew that something had to change.

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When I was introduced to BRO I thought, “This is what I’ve been looking for and this can turn my business around!” when I first joined BRO, I calculated that I was receiving 5% referrals in the During Unit. In a matter of 90 days of using BRO tools and systems, I went from 5% to 45%. Another 30 days later, I went from 45% to 55%.

I’ve learned that by providing an exceptional client experience and giving them WOW moments, my clients are very happy to refer me. BRO has skyrocketed my referral business.

Jae Wu

Before BRO, I was a workaholic, 24/7. I was told that real estate was 7 days a week and you’re never ‘off’.

You answer a call whenever it comes in. But I always thought there must be a better way.

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When I joined BRO. I had a vision of lifelong relationships with my clients, boundaries in my business, and having a healthy personal life.

Through BRO I was able to realize all of these things. BRO helped me figure out “What do I do first?” “What is my next step?” “Which tools should I implement?”.

Additionally, the BRO community is incredibly strong and supportive.

I have the most amazing friendships thanks to BRO.


Jesse Ibanez

One of the first things I did when I joined membership was get the Letter from the Heart, the Referral Reminder postcard and the newsletter out to the contacts in my database.

And the phone started ringing. In a short time, I had a few deals in the pipeline.

Derrick Wood

When I first joined BRO, I wasn’t getting referrals because I didn’t know how to ask for them.

So one of the first things I learned was how to effectively ask for referrals. Within the first 3 months of membership, I was getting referrals from people I wouldn’t normally receive them from.

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By Referral Only tools are the bait I use to fish with now. Within 6 months, my calendar filled with appointments.

Before BRO, I was doing what I call Slot-Machine Marketing – I would feed a lot of money into marketing and hope to hit the jackpot with 1-2 transactions. By Referral Only help me put the systems in place to consistently and predictably produce leads.

Colleen Olson

According to Colleen Olson, with Arizona Best Real Estate in Scottsdale, Arizona:

I did exactly what the “2 Referrals In 7 Days” program says, but I didn’t get two referrals in seven days. I got seven referrals! Two of those have become clients and that’s brought me $15,000 in commissions (so far).

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Plus, thanks to this training, I’m now calling two past clients a day, which keeps me top-of-mind when they, or anyone they know, wants to buy or sell a home. I used to dread calling my past clients, but now I actually enjoy it.

The “2 In 7” and other By Referral Only programs and systems helped me reach my annual goal of 31 transactions and then surpass it by four additional clients.

Rick Preisinger

Rick Preisinger, with RE/MAX in Trenton, Ontario, Canada, is delighted with the By Referral Only lead-generation strategies and Boot Camps – and his results:

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I loved getting started with By Referral Only. I dove right in, signed up for Boot Camps and put new systems in place. I generated four buyer leads that turned into $14,000 in commission, and I still have two buyers in the pipeline that I’m actively working with.

When we find the right home I will receive $9,000 to $10,000 in commission.