The 7+ Essential Referral Strategies were created to be your Referral Assistant.

If you’re a busy agent or lender, you don’t have the time or resources to organize your database, write a personal birthday message to each of your clients, set-up a contest to engage your clients, write a monthly Referral Reminder postcard (and mail it!), send a monthly Letter from the Heart email, create Facebook posts, and write and send a client-centered newsletter.

The 7+ Essentials does all of this for you and it never takes a day off! Once you implement these 7+ Essentials into your business, you will start to reach new levels of referability!

The 7+ Essentials are communications that have been tested and proven to produce meaningful conversation, which converts to appointments, which convert to commission checks.

Letters from the Heart

A more personal way to keep in touch with past clients is the BY REFERRAL ONLY Letter From The Heart™.

A Letter From The Heart™ allows your contacts to see you as a person. Remember, people will do business with you because of what you do. People will refer business to you because of who you are. Opening up to your clients on a personal level may be new for you, but you’ll be amazed at the response you get.

Delivered to your contacts on your behalf via email once a month.


Fun Day Monday

Fun Day Monday is a contest for your clients and contacts where they can win prizes and have lots of fun.

Some of our Top Agents and Lenders are getting incredible results by giving away one $25 prize per month. When you use our “Fun Day Monday” system one Monday per month, your clients and contacts will engage with you in a fun, new way… and we think you’ll be really surprised by how many referrals you’ll get from this Fun Referral System.

Delivered to your contacts on your behalf via email once a month.


Newsletter from the Heart

A Client Newsletter is a monthly touchpoint designed to arrive at the home of your past clients and sphere of influence to keep you at their top of consciousness. By Referral Only offers both a fully customizable newsletter and a two-minute version to best suit your needs.

Facebook from the Heart

The good thing about connecting with the people on social media is you are as close to them as their mobile device. Experts say at most times people are no more than 3 feet away from their cell phones. Using your By Referral Only Facebook from the Heart program lets you reach people in a personal way while they are in the middle of life. You post it and they will see it right in the middle of their day at precisely the time they’re open to reading a 10 second message that reminds them who you are and why you are referable.

Delivered weekly via email (2 posts per week) for you to post on your Facebook account.


Dates Close to the Heart

There are certain times of the year that change the spirit of whole communities.

Thanksgiving, New Year, Valentine’s Day, the First Day of Summer or the First Day
Back to School are days on the calendar and times of the year when our shared
experiences reflect our shared values. Experience shows when you take time to
celebrate shared values it is like hitting the reset button on relationships allowing you to reconnect with people at the best times of the year.

Delivered to your contacts on your behalf via email 4 times a year.


Business to Business Referral System

The #1 way to get referrals from business owners and business professionals is to help THEM get referrals. If you help them get referrals, they will gladly repay the favor by helping YOU get referrals. With this system you can send the best Referral Training In The World to your Business Owners and Business Professionals.

And having this system is also a wonderful way to build your database of Business Owners and Business Professionals because ALL of them want to know how to get more referral business.

Delivered to business contacts on your behalf via email once a month for 10 months.


Referral Reminders

These inexpensive postcards use direct language that triggers your clients and contacts to give you referrals. “Referral Trigger Language” goes on the back of the card and the front of the card is reserved for something interesting. We usually pick a very interesting fact that people might not know, something that makes them say “Wow, I didn’t know that!” Because the questions are extremely interesting, your clients and contacts always read the questions and the “Referral Trigger Language” on the back.

Delivered to your contacts via postal mail once a month.


The Most Special Day of the Year!

This is a very unique way to make your clients and contacts feel extremely special on their birthday. When your clients and contacts get “The Most Special Day Of The Year” email, they will be shocked that you took the time to research their exact birthday and find something extremely special about that day. And they will be blown away that you cared enough to write a beautiful email letter that makes them feel incredibly special about their birthday.

Delivered to your contacts via email once a year.