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How You Build True Stability By Consistently Growing Your Business Year-After-Year

How would you like to know the secret about how to build true stability by consistently growing your business year after year?  We have been leading and guiding the real estate and lending industries for over 35 years, and our job is not only about helping you find new clients, but keeping them as clients through building SYSTEMS. In this blog post, we are going to share new thoughts on what is holding today’s real estate and lending professionals back from creating the kind of business that grows, not by market circumstance, but by marketing smarter so you have the time and freedom to pursue your passions.

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The difference between a stable business and a market that is pushing your income.

Stability is doing the number of transactions every single month consistently and predictably to pay for all of your financial obligations and also provide you with a good life. Do that 10 to 12 months in a row and you probably have a stable business. 

Today, we’re in an interesting place in our industry. The market and demand are very high, yet the supply is extremely low.  Because of this “perfect storm” we have a lot of people making money and it’s not based on their skillset. The sole reason for their success is that the market is driving it. 

Are you following me on that? What do you think happens when the market dies down and you actually have to drive your leads, referrals, and marketing completely on your own…no market help?


What we want is for our income to be system-dependent, not external-dependent.

Like Warren Buffet said, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” Let me tell you, there will be a lot of exposed people at some point in the future.

Sure, this market will last a while because there’s been so much money that has been infused into the economy. The most important thing people can do with their money today is own assets, like real estate. People who understand money, understand buying assets. That’s why homes stay on the market for a short period of time, because people understand this right now.

However, the tide will turn and only those that have solid systems and processes for fueling their business are likely to not struggle when this market dies back down.


Building systems and processes to tilt the playing field in your favor for the long haul.

You happen to be in a real estate industry where the millennials are not getting into the business. There’s not a group of people behind us (in most markets) who are trying to chase us out of the business. Millennials are opting out, as a general rule, to become real estate agents. The average age of a real estate agent today is 57 years old, and it’s actually going up; not going down. 

You guys are in an industry at a very interesting moment in history where you got a really big opportunity to create a very stable, solid business built on systems and processes

That’s what By Referral Only is about. We help you build a true system- a before unit, a during unit, and an after unit.


Here’s where you should start in order to turn your real estate or lending business into “The Perfect Practice”…

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Yes, it’s that simple. Let us show you around, show you how we can take away the headache and time you spend on marketing your business. We know how busy you are and how hard you are working today. It’s time you automate your marketing so that you can reduce your work time and focus more on closing transactions, taking care of yourself, and enjoying life more… that’s the “perfect practice” don’t you think?

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