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How Agents Are Using Technology to Show Houses NOW….and Get Offers!

Virtual Open House
I have noticed a couple of different camps these days amongst our agents & lenders… Those that are pretty much running scared, ready to throw their hands up and just do nothing right now. Some have let their business come to a complete standstill and are just sitting and waiting to see what happens. I get it. These are scary times. The kids are home, everyone’s staying home in fact, and it’s not the easiest environment to focus on your business. But… Then there are the ones that are seeing a silver lining here. They see this as an OPPORTUNITY to be a shining light to their tribes and embrace the technology to move their businesses forward despite self-quarantines and the lack of ability to be face to face in order to help people buy and sell. So ask yourself… Am I running from this?… or am I running towards this?

First Time Virtual Open House = OVER Selling Price Offer

I’ll tell you one agent that is running full sprint towards this thing…and winning! LA area agent, Andrea Harlan. Just this last Sunday she put aside her fears and did her first virtual open house. She did such an amazing job that we featured her in our weekly member training called Wisdom Wednesday. We do these live every week for our members and while this is just a small clip of that full training I think you’ll take away some really great ideas and INSPIRATION that you too can do this. This simple Virtual Open House ended up earning her an over asking purchase price and a whole-lotta hope for the future of her business in light of the recent restrictions that the Coronavirus has brought. See how she did it here and listen to her experience of “stepping out of her comfort zone” to keep her business moving forward despite what’s happening in our new no face-to-face contact world. Watch here

My offer of help still stands. We are here to help you through this!

As you can tell from the video there is a lot of support and guidance inside of the By Referral Only Members Community. If you are not a member with us, I want to offer you as much as I can to help you through this. Just like I ask you to do with your clients…I will LEAD with a GIVING hand. We are in this together. So, I’m offering any agent or lender who needs help right now a Free 30 minute “Ask Us Anything” Session with my expert coaching team. Let us help you with your approach, messaging, technology, anything you need guidance on right now. Just click the button below to set up your time and we will do our very best to assist you.


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