How To Use Video During Your Initial Consultation

How To Use Video During Your Initial Consultation

As we look for ways to stay connected and work from home during these challenging days you might be looking for new and innovative ways to connect with clients.

Here’s a really great video from one of our By Referral Only member trainings called Wisdom Wednesday. We do these live every week for our members and in this episode, Paul Berkobin, rockstar lender from Pennsylvania, takes us through how and why he uses video in his initial consultation.

It’s not as scary as it seems and he shows you examples and breaks it all down for you in this video.

This would be a great project for you to tackle right now while you may be stuck at home.

Remember, be that voice of wisdom and calm to your tribe. Lead and think outside the box to keep your business pushing forward regardless of what’s happening around us.

You’ve got this!

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