Create valuable relationships in Real Estate by doing THIS

Create valuable relationships in Real Estate by doing THIS

You are most likely in one of two camps right now…

You have the communication things down when it comes to connecting with the people in your database.

You can call, text, email, zoom meeting, and it wouldn’t seem awkward, because you have already been keeping in touch with them regularly.

Or…you’re like most agents & lenders…

You want to take this time of quarantine to reconnect with people BUT because you haven’t really kept up with them it may seem awkward and that makes you nervous.

We get it. It’s nothing like a world-wide pandemic to make you realize where your weaknesses lie. Sheesh.

So, let us help you out.

Today we have a short segment from our recent live workshop “6 Strategies for Agents & Lenders That Are Working Right Now”.

This lesson was on the power of “Up Leveling” your communications.

There are 7 different ways you can communicate with those who know, like, and trust you…also known as your tribe. Learn when to use what type of communication and how to take it “up” to the next level for better, more meaningful connections.

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