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The One Simple Quality That Will Guide Your Business In 2022

This is the time of year when we all know we need to get organized and focused to ensure we have a PLAN to make the new year everything we want it to be. It’s what we here at By Referral Only call “Remodeling Time”. We take some dedicated and thoughtful time to ensure we have a direct path cleared for success…and it all starts with the one simple quality that will guide your business in the new year.

Now, last year we had the same goal and our challenging market sought to throw us some wrenches…BUT the really smart agents and lenders just went to work to craft a NEW plan…a SMARTER plan. It’s that time again friends. It’s time to shake off 2021 and get to “remodeling” for a bigger, better, and more profitable, and less stressful 2022!

The very first thing you need to uncover is what will be your one guiding quality in 2022.

Your guiding quality should be like a shining North star…guiding, leading, and pulling you to success in the future. Some choices might be:

  • Persistence
  • Patience
  • Listening
  • Flexibility
  • Precision at Work
  • Questioning
  • Applying Past Knowledge To New Situations
  • Communicating with Clarity and Confidence
  • Gathers Data
  • Innovating
  • Responding with Awe
  • Taking Responsible Risks
  • Humor
  • Thinking Inderdependently
  • Learning Continuously

I’m sure there are a few that already jump out to you, as most of us know where our strengths and weaknesses lie, but it’s important to find the ONE that will lead you to true success.


The Weathervane Concept

The weathervane, and the wind that directs it, symbolize leadership choices that you might make and the ensuing responsibility.

A weathervane typically sits atop a barn and has a horizontal structure with a flat piece of metal shaped like a rooster, an arrow, or a horse. This piece has a hole at the bottom used for mounting it on a rod that points vertically toward the sky.

A fixed compass also sits at its base to tell us the direction the wind is blowing. As the wind blows against its broad surface, the weathervane spins until it points in the same direction as the wind, where it offers the least amount of resistance.

It will stay there until the wind changes direction again, forcing the weathervane to take a new position. In this process, you can see that the weathervane has no control over the direction it points. If it had a mind like ours and were asked, “Which way are you going tomorrow?” it would probably say, “I have no idea — it’s not up to me!” If it were asked how it felt during a storm, it would probably say, “I’m spinning out of control, waiting for the wind to stop swirling me around!”

It is likely that you recognize the ideas represented by the weathervane and the wind as personal power and responsibility.

First, you cannot enjoy the sense of peace or security that comes from control over your own life when you are a living weathervane, being driven by outside forces and turning at the will of the wind.

Second, you must choose to be the wind (Your Guiding Quality) so that you can set your own direction.

Remember that the wind is free, not affixed to a rooftop, and because it influences change, it embodies power, energy, and the deliberate generation of movement.

Third, it is important to understand that if you are not choosing your own direction, you are following someone else’s direction.

Once you have chosen your own path, you are acting as a quality-driven leader, even if it turns out to be the same path you have followed unconsciously until that point.

The difference is that once you make the choice of what quality will guide you, you become an active and responsible business builder on your way to having your best year.

Are You Ready To Dive Deep, Find Your Own Guiding Quality and Get on Your Way To A Year Where You TAKE BACK CONTROL?

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