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Why Agents & Lenders Need To Start Their Holiday Marketing Strategy NOW

Fall real estate marketing

Traditionally, real estate booms in the spring months, holds steady in early summer, and starts to slow when the kiddos head back to school. Not anymore! We are all just holding on and pivoting as needed with today’s crazy shifting market.

There is however one thing that remains very predictable…

Top-producing agents & lenders are going to continue to market in more clever ways that stand out, work SMARTER (not harder), and give more value than ever before in order to connect deeply and open conversations throughout the holiday season and the remainder of this year. The winners will not slow down or back off.

So what’s your holiday marketing plan?

How are you going to re-connect and build your way back into the lives, conversations, and memory of your sphere of friends, family, former clients, and business partners?

At By Referral Only, we think of two things when it comes to the holidays: opportunity & strategy.

The opportunity you have right in front of you with your own tribe (your top 150) is VERY powerful and exciting. When you are able to remind them of all that you offer, and the value you bring, you open up so many opportunities for referrals and transactions.

The REAL opportunity is connecting in genuine ways. That’s what people are really desiring these days. The world is messy, and when you give more and connect deeper, they take notice…in fact, they never forget it.

The strategy comes into play by being prepared to reconnect with them and planning out your holiday strategy NOW.

You don’t want to be scrambling at the end of October trying to throw something together last minute. Instead, you want the confidence that you have a solid plan and all of the pieces in place so that your efforts and money don’t go to waste.

In the end, it’s up to you but before you dive head-deep into Pumpkin Spice season, let’s get your holiday marketing strategy in place so you can make the most of what’s left of this year.


If you’re an Agent or Lender and you’re ready to make a big move to round out the year, here are 4 tips to jump-start your holiday marketing efforts:

Figure Out Which Holiday Will Allow You To Stand Out The Most

In the past 35 years that we have been walking Agents & Lenders through the process of leading, guiding, and protecting those in their tribes, there is one holiday that has always stood out.


So why Thanksgiving and not Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year?

With Thanksgiving, there are no expectations. It’s all about giving, celebrating, and connecting. There are no expectations of gifts & cards, so when you reach out at Thanksgiving – YOU STAND OUT. You are immediately memorable. Versus at Christmas when everyone is sending cards, tons of emails are flooding the inbox, and it’s the most hectic time of the year. That makes it very hard to stand out from the rest or even get noticed.

So, once you pinpoint which holiday you want to tackle, you can move on to how to reach them.


Reach Out To Them In Ways That Gets Them To Take Notice

We often see the one-trick-pony approach to holiday marketing. One holiday card. One email. One postcard. One means of reaching out to them – and that’s it.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with a holiday card, but a single “Happy Thanksgiving or Merry Christmas from our office to yours (oh, and by the way give us a call if you want to buy, sell or borrow)”….well…that’s just not going to cut it anymore.

If we learn nothing else over these last year and a half it should be this…people want the personal, genuine, authentic you…not your business name…not a corporate communication or cookie-cutter approach. This is a By Referral Only specialty – check out our From The Heart communications.

If you want to connect…really connect…then mail, email, call, text, send a follow-up notecard, or a well-thought-out combination of those, with purpose and authenticity. But most of all…GIVE more of you by taking the time to give them more than they expect with your holiday efforts.

We discuss how Allison Click used our Thanksgiving Holiday Communications to rake in a  whopping $35K in commissions using Strategy #1 on this free webinar

Compare Your Holiday Approach With What’s Already Working

Odds are that you have some sort of holiday plan from years past. So take a look at that approach and measure your results from it. If you sent some sort of holiday card, how many transactions and referrals did you get directly from it? What about your last holiday email? Holiday social campaign?

If you can’t measure it by at least how many calls and conversations it opened that led to actual referrals and transactions, then you really need to rethink our approach this year.

For example, By Referral Only Member An Marshall received 4 closed transactions from her Thanksgiving campaign last year. Agent Carol Ronnebaum reported 9 sales and 9 additional referrals from those that received this “gratitude marketing campaign.”

You may be thinking that putting numbers to a holiday doesn’t sound all that giving or authentic when we are talking about direct sales or leads from something that is supposed to be heartfelt and genuine…

…here’s the best part…

When done right…it can be both heartfelt and genuine, AND you can directly measure how many transactions and referrals come straight from it!

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Don’t Reinvent The Holiday Campaign Wheel

…tap into what’s already working by getting your hands on the exact campaign that hundreds of By Referral Only members (just like An and Rodger) use to make Thanksgiving a huge success…

You can get it two ways:
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