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Leading With Your Authentic Message

We all react to stress, challenges, obstacles  . . . and viruses . . . very differently.

We have agents & lenders who choose to dig deeper and work harder, we have those that would rather take a step back and work on themselves and their businesses, and there are those that would rather pause.

You have to determine your best response, but the one thing we do know right now is that your efforts must be sincere, authentic and real.

Copy and paste emails, generic language, non-personalized attempts can backfire on you…or you’ll just be lumped in with every other email in the box saying the same exact thing.

Right now, in these unprecedented times, the best thing you can do is reach out personally on the phone, text, email and a notecard… but what exactly do you say right now?

This is the reason I was compelled to do my webinar last week on…

“How To Craft Your Personal Message During These Uncertain Times”.

Here is a little taste of how I worked with one agent to craft her authentic message to her tribe. (it’s only about 6 minutes and pay close attention at the 2:30 mark)

Leading with Insight and Truth and your authentic message is what will allow you to comfortably connect with people right now.

It won’t seem forced, you won’t be calling to “sell” them, you will be connecting at a way deeper level and you’ll be amazed at how they will open up and connect with YOU when you do this.

So it’s your turn now …

GO HERE AND WATCH the entire replay of this training and get on your way to YOUR authentic message.

What you learn on this training is the key for your business to move forward in light of what the coronavirus has thrown at us.

Plus, on the training I’m giving you TWO really cool FREE bonuses to help you right now. A guide to help you with using video to keep your business going (really cool ideas in that guide)…and I’m also offering you more personalized help to craft your message, just like I did here with Gail. (wasn’t she amazing?)

I do hope you take the time to dig deep, craft a message that you feel comfortable with, and start connecting deeply with those in your community. Lead them, guide them and protect them through this. I know you can do it.

We are here for you. Please reach out anytime.


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