How To Guarantee a 100% Referral Rate in the Initial Consultation

Virtual Initial Consultation

How To Guarantee a 100% Referral Rate in the Initial Consultation

Paul’s Initial Consultation Referral Ask Seed Script is GOLD!

“This will innovate my I.C. and take it to a new level.” – An Marshall

“Paul, your system rocks! Thank you very much for sharing.” – Dale F.

“Thank you for breaking this down, Paul I am inspired!!!” – Stephanie Hughes

“You are the REAL DEAL Paul!  Thanks so much for your time, and for sharing all of this material!!”- Randy

This feedback from last week’s free webinar is why I wanted to get you off on the right foot this week with some PROVEN strategy that you can go and plugin right away and see results.

This is just a small segment of what “Mr 100% IC referral rate” Paul Berkobin presented in last Wednesday’s free webinar. (you can watch the whole thing here).

The Magic Initial Consultation Referral Seed Script

Get all of the steps, this dialogue and access the download of this entire presentation and ALL of the scripts…Get the entire webinar replay here.


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