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Why Your Business Needs You To Hold On To Your “Beginner’s Heart”

Can you remember what you felt like while you were putting together your first real estate or mortgage transaction?

What was the scenario?

What was the client’s problem?

How did you solve it for them?

I remember when I got my first listing — it was Mr. Karakas, in Burbank, Illinois. He was an FSBO. I hounded him every day with phone calls, mailings and visits until he finally surrendered.

I remember it was 11:30 at night when he reluctantly signed the listing agreement. When I got back out to my car, I was filled with excitement. All I wanted to do was celebrate my success with my teacher and manager, Jim.

I stopped at the first payphone (long before cell phones) and called. When he answered I said, “I got it, I did it!”

Although Jim was in his 15th year of business, at the time I could feel his excitement because he could feel my authentic, vulnerable, real beginner’s heart.


The beginner’s heart is contagious.

Real estate agent

It is filled with hope, excitement, determination, and unbridled passion – let’s call it enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is really ‘soul-power’ and when genuine, is so recognized and felt by those coming within it’s field of influence.

So what happens to the beginner’s heart?

Have you ever met people in our industry that have lost the beginner’s heart? They seem to have lost their enthusiasm, their zest, their spark, their get-up and go seems to have gotten up and gone?


How do you keep the beginner’s heart?

I’m often asked how I stay so enthusiastic about teaching, coaching, growing, and evolving. I have reflected on that question quite a bit. Here is what I believe are the two keys to keeping the beginner’s heart.


#1. Hang around beginners

Notice how much enthusiasm and excitement others have when they are new. When they don’t know what they don’t know.

How they believe anything is possible. How they want to share their success.

If you want to get your beginner’s heart back, mentor a new agent for 90 days and watch what happens to your production. I would say, the easiest way out of a slump is to mentor an enthusiastic new agent or lender for a season, and not only will you be inspired to show them how good you are, but they will also be inspired to show you how good they are – you both win.


#2 Learn something new every day.

Expand your knowledge through reading, listening, and studying. Connecting through our blog, emails and courses is a good start to any day. Always have a few books going at once. When you sit at your computer, be listening to audible books.

One of the ways I keep my beginner’s heart is to always be teaching what I’m learning. My beginner’s heart really loves to learn. I live to learn. and learn to teach. When I’m doing these two things, my heart stays open and enthusiastic.

The word “enthusiasm” is derived from the Greek term meaning “to be inspired; to be possessed by God; under the influence of a higher power; inspired by a super-human higher power.”

So today, whom can you mentor and what can you learn so you can find and keep your enthusiastic beginner’s heart?



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