#TechTip – Using Group Text To Your Best Advantage In Real Estate

#TechTip – Using Group Text To Your Best Advantage In Real Estate

Sometimes you just need to hush and let really successful, really smart Real Estate Agents & Lenders speak and share their insider tips. That’s what I decided to do recently when speaking with agent Jennifer Hillegas of Nice Cribs Realty in Jasper, GA.

Jennifer was my guest on Widsom Wednesday, a By Referral Only membership weekly training where we dive into what working now in real estate and lending.  She spilled all sorts of really cool insights and tips with our members, and I don’t normally share these publically, but I couldn’t resist showing you this little 2-minute nugget from this training. It’s one that anyone can easily implement starting today.

Using Group Text To Your Best Advantage In Real Estate


Jennifer: We have adopted a new communication through group texting. Using my assistant Beth Robin, she’s been with me the longest, she’s been with me 16 years.  I raised her up in real estate.  Basically, we put “Please group text for any questions regarding this listing”on the [MLS] listing.  That’s taken a lot off of me as far as communications between myself and the realtors. So, if you get to that level where you’re having too many communications, you can always adopt this group text approach. It really works well.

So, I put Beth’s phone number and my phone number in the private remarks and tell all of the realtors to group text us. This helps on foreclosures as they ask a million questions, and that’s good, but I don’t always have time to answer those. So, Beth will jump in there and help.

Joe: That’s a really brilliant insight. That’s something for all of you to write down, that if you have a couple of teammates that are supporting you, that the communication goes to everybody, and then whoever is available gets back to them. This works because, most people, especially on a text, want an instant response.

Jennifer: Especially in the Real Estate world, everyone is “You must talk to me now”.  I’ll also put the buyers on a group text with me and Beth, and also the lender.  So clients can see that we’re following up with the lender, and my buyers love that. They absolutely love it when we do that.

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