How to Talk About the Coronavirus with Your Clients.

How to Talk About the Coronavirus with Your Clients.

It’s time to have a frank talk about this Coronavirus business.

From grocery shelves hand sanitizer being completely wiped out, to people afraid to travel or even get out in public…you can’t help but be faced with tackling this topic.

Now, you can operate in fear, buying into the panic and hype, and passing that type of run and hide feeling to those around you…or you can come from an educated and calm role by LEADING your tribe in a positive way.

I had a couple of experiences over the last week that brought this to light that I thought I’d make a quick video to encourage you to lead in a positive way, get ahead of this, and even be in communication with your clients about the Coronavirus.

Watch here

I also wanted to share with you an article about the virus by Seth Godin. You may want to share it with your tribe. Get ahead of this friends, and share it in a responsible, informed way.

I just encourage you to not buy into the panic. Be calm. Get educated from reputable sources. Become the voice of reason to your tribe (those that know, like and trust you) and in your community regarding the Coronavirus.


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