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Coronavirus Conversations: The “I Care” Script

As leaders in our community and to our clients, friends and family, we have an obligation to help…to be a voice of reason and of CARE.

Many of my top agents and lenders are proactively reaching out to let those in their sphere of influence know that they are there for them. Just to be a listening ear in a very stressful time. Not to hard-sell them, not solely to get a referral (unless that just naturally happens) but to sincerely connect in a deeper way.

We may not be able to go out and see them face to face, but we sure as heck can give them a call to let them know we care.

Here’s a quick script to get you started but make this your own, be sincere and just connect as your #1 goal:

”Hi (name), I was planning to call you today for a completely different reason than I’m calling now. I was planning to call and talk about the spring real estate market because most people who are thinking about a move will start talking about buying and selling in early spring. But clearly our world has changed as we all focus on new priorities which include staying safe and healthy. I was thinking about you and your family. How are you doing in light of everything going on?”

(Listen and respond in the way that is right for you)

Closing the Call:

[blockquote text=”I wanted to let you know that I plan on adapting in order to continue helping the people you care about. For the next little while there will be fewer people searching for their dream home but there will be people who still need to sell a home and even more people who want to take advantage of compelling interest rate offers. I will be incorporating tools like video and web conferencing to have meetings and to show and market homes for the people whose moves must go on. Continue to feel comfortable having me as your resource to lead, guide and protect you and your home during all times and especially times like this.” text_color=”#000000″ width=”75″ line_height=”undefined” background_color=”#d4d4d4″ border_color=”” show_quote_icon=”no” quote_icon_color=””]

Be the carrier of care, love and lead with a giving heart and you’ll see your relationships and business grow despite the challenges we are facing today.


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