Becoming Referable



This is perhaps the most critical soft skill you’ll ever learn in life and business. We call it your “Referability Factor”.

Referability is the awareness you feel when you are giving so much value to your client that they unconsciously want to introduce you to people they care about because they deeply trust and respect you.

Refer-ability is making yourself so valuable, powerful, congruent, clear and aware that people around you experience an amplified desire to share the feelings they are getting from you with the people they care about.

Do you have enough awareness to know when you are being referable and when you are not being referable?

Do you have enough consciousness to know when you are thinking like and behaving like a person who radiates with refer-ability and when you are not? You will love the shift that you’ll make during this very hands on coach guided experience. When you complete all 13 sessions you’ll have a profound new respect for yourself and the entire referral process.

12 1-hour coaching and trainings sessions with weekly accountability.