Why Every Agent & Lender Needs a “Catfish”

Why Every Agent & Lender Needs a “Catfish”

Today I have something really special for you…

A peek into an exclusive training that I did for my BroVance members, my advanced coaching and accountability program for By Referral Only members.

This training touches on who influences you…and who you influence. All of us should give significant thought and consideration to WHO we allow to influence our lives.

Is it positive?… Is it negative?…

Do they keep you from true success?… Help you become a better version of yourself?

This training will allow you to see it all with a fresh set of eyes. And more importantly…

See what YOUR potential is in the eyes of other people and how you can show up in more ways for them.

Grab your notepad and pen…you’ll want to take notes and remember this training so you can refer back to it often. Enjoy.


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