2 Quick Ideas To Engage Your Tribe…and Create Opportunity!

2 Quick Ideas To Engage Your Tribe…and Create Opportunity!

When it comes to social media…and especially using video to move their business forward…most agents and lenders stick with your basic posts about the homes they are representing or maybe share resources from other sources that they think people might like. But there’s so much more you can do to engage your tribe and create opportunity.

When it comes to actually creating new, fresh content that is engaging and exciting…that’s generally not something most feel comfortable with.

Well, times are changing friends…

No longer can you just share and occasionally post. The Coronavirus showed us that we must think outside the box and use social and virtual technology more than we ever have before.

Today, I have a short little segment of the recent “HOW THE QUARANTINE CAN BE GOOD FOR BUSINESS: 6 Strategies for Agents & Lenders That Are Working Right Now” workshop we held recently.

This video shows how two of our very smart, and very creative By Referral Only members are holding online virtual events to create engagement and open conversations. They are creating COMMUNITY within their tribe and staying front and center to help those in their sphere of influence.

These are two ideas that you can easily swipe and deploy to connect deeper with your own tribes. Enjoy these great ideas!

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