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How ONE Simple email generated a $14K commission check

I love strategies that just plain work! Even more, I love it when I can share them so you can swipe, deploy and see the results for yourself.

This particular lead-generating email strategy comes from our By Referral Only 7+ Essential Strategies. These are the CORE of the done-for-you aspect of the By Referral Only system. Now, you may or may not be a member and have access to this email and supporting resources… but that’s ok…you can learn from the idea behind this email strategy and implement it for yourself.

Monday REALLY IS Fun!

The 7+ Essentials Communications bring in a steady flow of referral business in several very clever and strategic ways. We provide postcards, newsletters, emails, social media posts, letters, and more that put your marketing on auto-pilot. One of these 7 strategies is called Fun Day Monday.

Fun Day Monday is a contest for your clients and contacts where they can win prizes and have lots of fun.

Some of our Top Agents and Lenders are getting incredible results by giving away one $25 prize per month. Watch the video below to see how brand new member Ed Zoller generated $14K and 3 new referrals from this ONE…his very first…7 Essential Strategy Launch.

Essentially, you send an email with a trivia question on each Monday of the month. We call ours “Fun Day Monday”.  Your clients and contacts are encouraged to submit their answer, share this opportunity to “win” with their friends and family (hello new contacts and conversations!) and through this process, you open up the communication channels to engage with them.

That’s exactly what Ed did to gain $14K in commissions and 3 more referrals from his very first Fun Day Monday Email Launch!

How Agent Ed Zoller Turned A $25 Gift Card Into A $14K Commission Check

This Fun Day Monday approach accomplishes several KEY desirables:

  1. It keeps you under their radar each and every week (in fact, they will look for your emails).
  2. It opens up opportunities for connection and conversation.
  3. It allows you to gain new fans, followers and contacts (many of our members use this on social media very successfully.)

When you use this “Fun Day Monday” system it allows you to engage with people in a fun (and memorable), new way… and we think you’ll be really surprised by how many referrals you’ll get from this Fun Referral System.

As Ed explains in his video, we automate the whole Fun Day Monday process for our members. We help scrub your lists and make it easy by using our MyClients CRM, but the magic of this is the wording of the email and follow-up. We write and send all of the emails, including the trivia question, and provide you with the social media images and posts if you choose to share it online.

At By Referral Only we automate the process and deliver it to your contacts on your behalf via email once a month. All you need to do is get ready for the responses, messages, and calls that come from it. Like Ed said, “it pays for itself”. It’s a thing of beauty that we have really perfected over the years for our members.

How To Implement This Strategy On Your Own

If you were to do it all on your own we suggest that you come up with a fun name for your trivia contest, that you use a multiple-choice question, present it to your email list and social media following every month (consistency is key). Have a $25 gift card prize for your monthly winner. Always encourage them to play again, spread the word. When done correctly this approach has a wonderful viral effect.

Get a Sample of  our Fun Day Monday Email

If you would like to learn more about this strategy and even see a sample of our By Referral Only Fun Day Monday email I will be happy to have someone on our team walk you through it.

Simply go here and schedule a quick, complimentary call with one of my coaches. They have been instructed to show you this 7+ Essential system, what it is, and walk you through it so you can try it for yourself. Here’s your chance to send this $14K commission generating email. Go for it!

What do you have to lose? Ed took a chance and it immediately gained him a $14K commission check! Now that’s something worth looking into.


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