Three Steps To Building a Business That Grows & Lasts | By Referral Only

Three Steps To Building a Business That Grows & Lasts | By Referral Only

Every real estate agent and lender has a dream when they start in the business. Their goal is to build a growing business that generates consistent profits, year after year. Achieving this lofty goal requires more than just hard work and motivation – it requires following the right steps at the right times in order to create a sustainable business model. In today’s blog post, we’ll talk about a simple, yet often overlooked way to build and grow predictably.


Step 1: Gather Complete Data On Your Top 150

The first step is to gather good data on 150 people. When I say “good data” I mean a complete record of as much information possible that you can gather from them. Email, phone, address, birthday, anniversary, family info (including family names and bdays), any personal details that will allow you to personalize communications to them in the future, their favorite food, wine, if they like movies, follow them on social media and gather even more details on life events and personal preferences. You can now use this data to connect and communicate with them in a personal and memorable way.

Step 2: Consistent Communication

Over the next 12 to 24 months you want to take that 150 and communicate with them consistently using a multiple media approach. We want to build a disciplined machine of talking to these people using text, email, direct mail, video, and social media along with consistent branding, in order for us to start building more of a tribe who refers to you like clockwork.

Step 3: Generate Referrals That Predictably Fuel Your Real Estate or Lending Business

When you do this work, you’ll look back and see that you really have a very different business. A thriving and predictable business that sends you 30 to 50 transactions a year!

Think about it…

If 1 person refers at least 1 person a year, every year, for 5 years…BAM. That’s some serious business right there.

What we know is that our top 150 are intersecting daily with people who are buying, selling, and borrowing. You MUST remain top of mind with these people so that they remember to recommend you!

The Ultimate Goal: Freedom

The purpose of being an entrepreneur is to have a whole lot more space in your life, outside your business, to pursue the rewards of all that money. Not to be strapped by it and owned by the business.

And that’s what I find a lot of people who are in the business for a length of time that are successful, they don’t own a business, the business owns them. We want to help you turn that around and actually have a real business that gives you true freedom.

If you want to build a business that grows and lasts it’s important to gather data and use consistent communication. Not when you remember to, but consistently and predictably send out communications using multiple media to your top 150 on a regular basis.

This will quickly generate more referrals that predictably fuel your business by achieving more freedom in your day-to-day tasks so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Take a tour of By Referral Only today and see how we make all of this happen for you with ease!

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