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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Marketing Strategy For Agents & Lenders REVEALED

It’s OCTOBER! Holy cow…

This summer was booming and many of us are still blowing and going strong. However, we are heading into that time of year where we have a built-in reason to reach out and connect with our past clients, business partners, and those we are closest to.

Don’t be so busy that you miss what is most likely…

The Best Reason To Re-Connect All Year Long!

Thanksgiving is that sleeper holiday that many agents and lenders bypass in their marketing plans when actually it’s possibly THE MOST PROFITABLE. (if you do it right)

Last week we did a free training revealing The Ultimate Thanksgiving Marketing Strategy For Agents & Lenders. It was a record-breaker for us in attendance and feedback….and for good reason…

We revealed a step-by-step marketing strategy that our By Referral Only members have been using for years.

In a nutshell, it’s a sequence of emails, postcard, texts, and calls that are sent out a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving that offers a free Thanksgiving Pie. You basically ask them to choose Pumpkin or Apple and contact you to reserve their pie.

It is the ultimate act of “client appreciation” that directly leads to referrals and transactions. Many of our members report it’s some of the best ROI they experience all year long!

Carol R. – “9 sales and 9 more referrals”.
Roger L. – “1 buyer, 3 appointments, 20 referrals…very good ROI!”
An M. – “4 closed better time & money spent!”

This Thanksgiving-specific strategy accomplishes way more than any purchased lead or generic holiday card. It allows you to INVEST in your tribe and strengthen relationships.

Now, YES, we have a completely done-for-you Thanksgiving Pie Marketing Kit that serves the entire strategy up on a silver platter for you BUT in that recent free webinar, we actually revealed all of the strategy, steps, and insights so you could do it on your own if you wish.

Either way, you choose to go about it… it’s a winning strategy.

Since you missed the free replay deadline here’s…

The Thanksgiving Pie Strategy “Cliff Notes” version for those that missed it…

  • Choose your type of event- In the office with safety precautions, an outside event with distancing, a by-appointment type event, delivery to their home or office, or a combination of these to meet the needs of your recipients
  • Choose who and how many pies you want to give away. Most people start off small for fear of spending too much money and then totally regret not doing more. You can even get together with other agents and lenders to share in the costs and effort.
  • Choose the pickup or delivery days – usually, the days just before Thanksgiving so people can enjoy their pie with family at the Thanksgiving table.
  • Send your invites (postcard, emails, and calls) around 2 weeks before your event or delivery day to ensure you give people time to respond and so you can give an accurate count to your bakery. We have a really great postcard and email that has careful wording for this year’s COVID elephant in the room. That will make it much easier for you. It’s all included in our kit.
  • Send reminder emails/texts the day before your event to remind them about pickup or delivery. This is essential. Don’t skip it.
  • Be sure to attach a thoughtful note on your pie box with your contact info. We have a great card/sticker in our kit that actually gets you reviews at the same time. It’s very clever!
  • Have fun at your event or deliver day(s) and take the time to have a conversation with everyone who receives a pie. If you are unable to speak with them face-to-face CALL THEM and reconnect after…better yet….Zoom with them for an online face-to-face.
  • Send a Thanksgiving From The Heart Email, NOT a generic Happy Thanksgiving email that everyone and their dentist sends. We detail the difference in the training replay.
  • After Thanksgiving, follow-up with each recipient by notecard IN YOUR HANDWRITING (don’t skip this) and phone calls.  Remember, we are being authentic and real. It’s in these follow-up conversations where the “magic” happens and you really reconnect, find out what’s happening, and deepen the connection to get referrals and new business.

No awkward calls and conversations…no hard-selling…. just genuine thoughtfulness and relationship building… that frankly…is so needed these days. People will be blown away and we can guarantee…YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN as their go-to agent or lender.

Don’t Wait To Figure Out What Your Holiday Marketing Plan Is Going To Be!

So many agents and lenders wait until the last minute to plan their holiday approach. Usually, that consists of deciding if they are sending a card or an email.

Sorry guys, if these are your only choices you are really missing out on an opportunity to shine. With this Thanksgiving campaign, YOU WILL STAND OUT.

Watch this short video where agent Bob Erhhard talks about the Thanksgiving campaign they did last year. Pay close attention to the part where the client brings up getting a pie next year. PRICELESS!

Let’s Get You Setup For Some Serious New Business To End 2020 and Start Off 2021 With A BANG!

Get our Done-For-You Thanksgiving Pie Kit…we included the entire training for you in the kit so you can get all of the additional details we left out of our “cliff notes” version above.  Take advantage of years of testing and tweaking. This plan works regardless if you do a large event, by appointment only, or deliver the pies…and your tribe is going to LOVE you for it.



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