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The Secret Formula To Get A Referral From Every Initial Consultation

It’s no secret that in today’s market, real estate agents and lenders need to work smarter than ever to stand out. In order to get the attention and gain the trust of your prospect, you have to do more than just show up and introduce yourself. You also have to make an unforgettable first impression – which is why we’re going to reveal a PROVEN formula that can ensure every initial consultation leads into an immediate referral!  Let’s dive right in…

Lender Paul Berkobin, a mortgage consultant in State College, PA has been a member of By Referral Only for 27 years. During this time he has developed and built up his team which pulls in about 200 transactions a year. 80% of his business is conducted out-of-state which means the tools he uses (shown in the free training) fit perfectly with today’s online marketplace.

The formula for the Initial Consultation that earns a 100% referral rate.

In the last 18 months, Paul and his team developed a system for the IC that has more than doubled his business. In fact, he has shown this formula to countless By Referral Only members who are real estate agents and they have also confirmed how well this approach works. The best part is that it’s a way of growing your business without spending more money or more time. 

It’s leveraging what you are already doing. (you’ve got to love that!)

The 6-Step Formula For 100% IC Referral

1) Explain to the client s/he has options
2) Present what makes you highly valuable and unique. Then, tie the unique benefit you provide to requiring time and therefore referral. (this training breaks this step down)
3) Plant your RAS (Referral Ask Seed)
4) Make the client feel deeply heard and special
5) Answer questions, provide consulting which leads to a list of Best Next Steps (your action plan)
6) Complete your RA (referral ask) and plant an RS (referral seed) at the end.

Paul explains in more detail here:


Get the entire training here for free.

When you get a referral in the IC, right from the start, it accomplishes several things:

It increases the quality of your business. When people give a referral during the IC, rate shopping and cutting commissions go away. When they give you their referral recommendation they are now already invested in you as a person. That puts an end to the resistance from the start.

This also increases the speed of conversion. So for Paul, the time in which a client goes from IC to under application has decreased by about 2 weeks. This has made a huge impact on his small team business as we all know that leveraging your time and efforts is more important today than ever.

Imagine, what would your business look like a year or 18 months from now if every client you meet with introduces you to another client, and converts 14 days faster? At the end of the year how much time will you have saved and how much would your capacity to do transactions increase?

Double Your Business This Year!

To double your business revenue, you need to earn at least one referral from every Initial Consultation. Paul’s 6-Step Formula For 100% IC Referral is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to perfecting this process. If this sounds confusing or intimidating, don’t despair! We are giving FREE ACCESS to his entire workshop where he step by step leads you through how easy it is.

Sign up for our free workshop here today— we are waiving the fee for a limited time so don’t miss out on this chance to access all of the training, assets, examples, samples, and tools that Paul uses.


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