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[Your 2023 Success Plan] The Journey To Success For Agents & Lenders

You’re probably seeing every coach and guru in our industry come out with their version of a “Have Your Best Year Ever” training to start off the New Year. This is not a new concept, however, if there was ever a year to dig in, assess, plan and GET INSPIRED…it’s this year.

What makes us different at By Referral Only is we specialize in this “journey” to success. In fact, throughout the year, we arm our members with trainings and keep you focused on what we call the journey from Survival to Significance.

Your Journey From Survival To Significance in 2023

When you’re new to real estate or lending, you’re in a self-centered Survival mode and your work is a means to meet basic needs – in other words, just a job.

As you put systems in place, you can take your focus off surviving, and your job evolves into a viable and stable business. This Stability frees you from the ups and downs of establishing a business and allows a movement away from yourself.

When your established systems build a relationship-based business over time, your focus moves to others, and at this point, your business becomes a Success… it’s your career.

Finally, when you move from success to Significance, you’re at a point where you can devote more time to sharing with and mentoring others. As your priorities expand from others to everyone else, your career takes on a personal significance that you could not feel when you were in survival.

Here’s more on this concept:

What Stage Are You In Right Now?

If you look at this journey from Survival to Significance as a 25+ year process, you can see why we call this a journey.

Let’s start with Survival.

Survival can be at the very beginning of your career, or it can be anytime you slide backward in your journey to success. This is when we are trying to find our way. We are figuring out how to do the job. It’s before you have developed the systems and structure of a real business to keep some sort of consistency and predictability.

The number one thing that should be focused on in Survival is the willingness to do whatever it takes to become a skilled Conversationalist. We are in a business where we get paid to talk.

The Quantity And Quality Of Your Conversations That You’re Having With People Is A Direct Line To Your Compensation.

Here’s more on this concept:

Moving to Stability

In Stability, you’re doing a lot of personal development work while you’re simultaneously building a solid business development system.

We start by focusing on three systems: The Before, During, and After Units. These are the three hats you put on when building a business that is made to last.

You have to go out and get business from people that you don’t know. The Before Unit is when you are having open houses, getting listings, farming, or any means that you use to generate new leads, conversations, and business from people that don’t already know you. 

At By Referral Only we have programs built into our membership that automates this for you, like the Gardening Program, Getting More Listings, Smart Guidance Programs, and so many more. We specialize in automating the lead generation processes so that you get your time back to focus on your conversational skills and building your business.

In Stability, you also need to have between 2-3 Complete Communications per day. It’s not optional…it’s a must for true business building that lasts.

Let’s dive deeper into what a Complete Communication is:

This is just the tip of the iceberg on the journey from Survival to Significance. Next time, we’ll dive into the levels of Success and Significance. 

Isn’t it time that you plan out your path for 2023?

We’d love to share this entire training with you. Just hop on over and schedule a few minutes with one of my coaches. No charge. It’s a gift from us to help you wash away the struggles and frustration you experienced over the last year and get on your way to where you really want to be. Even though this training is one we usually reserve for our By Referral Only members, I have instructed my team to share it with those who are serious about their journey from Survival to Significance.

We’d love to help you on your journey. Our systems, training and supportive community are ready and waiting to make your journey easier and more successful than trying to go it alone.

Check us out and take a tour to see what By Referral Only can do for your and your success in 2023.

Happy New Year friends!


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