How To Create A Thanksgiving Email That Will Help You Stand Apart From The Rest

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How To Create A Thanksgiving Email That Will Help You Stand Apart From The Rest

The holidays are generally a great reason to reach out to your tribe. However, many of us send the typical cookie-cutter template-type emails and cards that frankly, every other agent and lender in the land sends.

Do you want to be memorable? Do you want to stand apart from the others? Then you must come from the heart and do not…I repeat…do not be generic.

Thanksgiving is coming up and this is a great holiday to reach out and make an impact on those in your tribe. During Thanksgiving, cards stand out more, (rather than getting lost in a sea of cards at Christmas) and even emails can make more of an impact IF you write them in the right way.

At By Referral Only we provide the 7+ Essentials Communications for our members. These automated systems bring in a steady flow of referral business in several very clever and strategic ways. We provide postcards, newsletters, emails, social media posts, letters, and more that put your marketing on auto-pilot. One of these 7 strategies is called Dates Close to The Heart.

There are certain times of the year that change the spirit of whole communities. Thanksgiving, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or the First Day of Summer are days on the calendar and times of the year when our shared experiences reflect our shared values. Experience shows when you take time to celebrate shared values it is like hitting the reset button on relationships allowing you to reconnect with people at the best times of the year.

How You Can Stand Out This Thanksgiving

We wanted to give you an insider look at one of the By Referral Only Dates Close To The Heart communications, Our brand new Thanksgiving letter that can be either emailed or mailed to your list. You’ll quickly see that this is no generic Thanksgiving template. It stands out. It touches the heart. It’s memorable.

As you watch, notice the following about this approach:
1) It’s personalized.
2) It paints a picture and tells a story (that’s way more memorable than a generic email template).
3) It doesn’t remind them directly that you are an agent or lender (there is a reason for this- reminding them in a holiday card is NOT the place and it comes off all wrong).
4) It doesn’t ask them to call you if they want to buy, sell or borrow (again, not the time or place…they know already).
5) It simply touches their heart, reminds them that you care, and reminds them why they like and trust you.

THAT my friend is how you get referrals, repeat business, and connect deeply without even selling or reminding them of what you do. You are simply CARING and being authentic. This goes so much farther than “Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours…and if you or someone you know is in need of my services call me…” (No, just no.)

So, watch this clip, and if you want to get a copy of this Thanksgiving Dates From The Heart sample communication that you can email or mail to your list take a tour and learn about membership, or consider grabbing our 2021 Thanksgiving Marketing Kit.

How To Make Your Thanksgiving Day Email Memorable

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