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Special Training & Events

By Referral Only Trainings & Events are Perfect for New and Seasoned Agents and
Lenders Looking to Make Giant Leaps In Their Skills & Business.

How To Win Against Multiple Offers Workshop

If there is ONE SKILL you should master right now it’s the art and strategy of preparing and helping your clients win in a multiple offer scenario.

This was our highest-attended workshop of 2021 so far! The valuable tools and strategies revealed by an expert panel of top-producing agents and lenders were revealing and insightful. Plus, walk away with a download of ALL of their strategies when you watch the replay.

PrivateWork Self Coaching

Self Coaching, through the PrivateWork methodology, is the most valuable 21st-century skill you can have. Taking the time to deliberately develop your inner “Insight Hunter” not only provides positive, actionable results to day-to-day circumstances; over time, the skills you acquire through this self-directed process allows you to reduce stress, build resilience, increase focus and creativity, relax your body and mind, and confidently hone the ability to determine the best direction for your own life.

Cracking the Code on Buying & Selling with Millennials

Discover how COVID sparked one agent to pivot her Real Estate business in a way that bought her more market share…. more buyers… and more referrals than she ever imagined possible.

In this workshop, we will walk you through how By Referral Only member, Mandy Tanberg, perfected her “Appointment-Only Style” Open House Millennial process which is effectively attracting and winning over this large segment of new buyers.

Referral-Generating Courses & Products

Perfect for agents & lenders who want to make fast & efficient impact.
These intensives focus not only on referral strategy but also dive deep into the mindsets,
dialogues, habits, and skills that are necessary to become a consistent referral generator.

Referral Ignite On-Demand

What would you say if I GUARANTEED you 15 to 30 new referred clients in just 56 days or less? Think about that for a moment… What would that kind of referral flow mean for your business? And what if you could continue to do it over and over, week after week so that new referrals are consistently flowing into your business…like clockwork? It is possible, and I have taught hundreds of agents and lenders, just like you, how to do it. Now it’s your turn.

Referral Mastery Club

Suck at Generating Referrals (and want to get better?) Get immediate access to my best referral-generating resources and strategic insights delivered straight to your inbox… PLUS templates, tools, & swipe files and more to help you become a Referral-Generating Master! Learn the time-tested strategies that get more referrals from your existing database, develop your marketing strategy, and grow your career… with Referral Mastery Club.

Initial Consultation Success Formula

EVERY lead and conversation is highly valuable. It’s essential that your I.C. is strategic, well-planned, and not only leads to a transaction BUT also leads to MORE TRANSACTIONS (more REFERRALS). Paul Berkobin rocks the initial consultation better than ANYONE we have seen before. He has a 100% referral rate and this isn’t by chance. He has a very thought-out, strategic formula for the initial consultation and he’s going to reveal it ALL to you during this webinar.

More Free Resources

We stand by our philosophy of Leading with a GIVING hand. Below are tons of free resources and training
to help you where you are at in your business. Take a look around and see what By Referral Only is all about.

“How Much MORE Is My Home Worth Today?” Complete Marketing Toolkit

This marketing toolkit is an exciting done-for-you marketing campaign and plug-n-play strategy that opens conversations, gets them calling YOU, and generates new, highly qualified leads that are ready to list now!

It contains a complete sequence of emails, texts, notecards, direct mail letter and postcard, social post images & text, all pre-written and mapped out for you. You simply follow our simple and clear Step-By-Step process. It couldn’t be easier.

Daily Inspired Actions

Get my very best emails, scripts, texts, and dialogues used by some of North America’s most successful agents & lenders.

These are powerful strategies that are ready to use to get you more referrals, save you time, and make you more money.

Sign up and get your first Daily Inspired Action today!

7 Essential Referral Strategies Webinar

Learn how to get 1-2 referrals a week…every week by discovering the 7 strategies that work together to build a consistent and predictable referral-based business.

These are the strategies that saw many agents and lenders through the COVID shutdown and challenges. It’s what keeps you connected to your tribe no matter what is happening in the world, or how busy you get.

The Ultimate Script Guide For Agents & Lenders


Stop worrying about what to say, write, email and text to clients & prospects to build unbreakable relationships & get more referrals!

Money-Making Morning Joe

Now more than ever, your mindset will determine your future success and happiness. Get the next 21 days off to the most inspirational and positive mindset possible with a brief morning audio message delivered to your phone from Joe Stumpf – Giving You Fresh Money-Making Thinking For Your Day.

6 Strategies for Agents & Lenders That Are Working Right Now

During this FREE workshop, you’ll discover what some of the smartest and most successful agents & lenders are doing RIGHT NOW to keep their businesses moving forward despite the pandemic. Strategies that lead directly to new business, deeper relationships and transactions… even during times of uncertainly


The 1-Page Marketing Plan

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