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5 Keys To Building A SUPERCHARGED Referral Business

Real estate referrals

How do you build a SUPERCHARGED referral business?

Today I have a video training series on generating referrals that’s going to knock your socks off and motivate you to take action now to get more referrals.

This may feel a little rapid-fire to you but I wanted to pack as much as I could into this training. I split it up into separate videos to make it easy and convenient for you. So grab a pen and paper as you’ll want to take notes.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg on these skills to generate Lending & Real Estate Referrals. You’re going to get A LOT out of this training and when we’re done here today I’d like to invite you to take BOLD ACTION and take your referral-generating and new seller-finding skills to the next level FAST – more here.

More on that later…let’s get to the training…

#1 – How To Ask, Get & Generate New Referrals From Video Reviews

GOAL: Get them to tell a story of what it was like to work with you.

5 Questions to ask so that you are guiding the content of your clients review:

1) What were their expectations?
2) What was their experience?
3) What were their memorable moments about working with you?
4) What would they tell others about you?
5) How would they compare it to other past experiences?

#2- Tapping Into Business Advocates For Consistent Referrals


GOAL: Become the connector for them to people, places, and services in your community…during the transaction and beyond!


#3 – The Psychology Behind Why People Refer

GOAL: Get them in the Hero’s Club.

The reason people refer is that it makes them feel good about themselves. They want to BE a “hero” to the person that they care about and FEEL like a “hero” to themselves as well.


#4 & 5- Taking Advantage of The Referral Moment

GOAL: Creating A Referral Moment

The Referral Moment is that time when you are working and talking with someone and they are most grateful for you and your service.

It’s what you do and say at this moment that will determine what income (referrals) you will make from that client for many years to come.

The worst thing you can do is say “no problem” or “it’s my pleasure”. This language will cause you to lose multiple referrals from this person.

To take advantage of the “referral moment” try something like…

“Thank you for noticing. I really feel your appreciation. Can you tell me what is the most valuable thing that you believe I have done for you?”

Now your client knows very clearly what your value is. THAT’s when you ask for a referral.

Dive deeper into these referral generating strategies, dialogues, and scripts here.

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