How To Successfully Write Your Daily “To Do” List (and actually get things done in Real Estate)

How To Successfully Write Your Daily “To Do” List (and actually get things done in Real Estate)

This time of year is a great time to form healthier and more productive habits as a real estate agent or lender. Today, I have a specific tool for you that you can use to improve your time management skills.

In this article:

Processes To Improve Productivity

What you’re about to read was from a conversation I had with a By Referral Only member and good friend of mine. You can use this same process to improve your productivity by 25% by planning through your day, not just making a list of ‘to do’s’.

Maybe you have heard me say, “Plan through it, not to it.”

Here’s my friend’s typical daily ‘to do’ list:

  • Workout — run 1 mile.
  • Call Larry on Hawthorne property.
  • Call my By Referral Only coach @ 10:30 AM.
  • Drop off Calhoun paperwork at the bank.
  • Set appointment with Chiropractor.

I wondered how inspired she got when she read her list.

So I said, “I’m not going to tell you that when you read your list of things you want to do today, it’s not very inspiring, because I believe you already know that.”

“What I would like to suggest you do is rewrite your list using conscious, inspiring words that plan through the item; not just to it.”

The Key To Writing A Successful “To Do” List

So I helped her rewrite her ‘to do’ list using conscious, focused language:

• Workout — run 1 mile.

I choose to work out from 7am to 8am at LA Fitness. When my workout is complete, I feel invigorated, alive and ready to have a great breakfast. My breakfast fuels me perfectly throughout my day.

• Call Larry on Hawthorne property.

I choose to call Larry and fully inform him about my lease agreement on my Hawthorne listing. My desired outcome for my communication is Larry is confident and self-assured that he has chosen me to represent him on his investment property.

• Call BRO coach @ 10:30am.

I choose to call my coach at BRO at 10:30am. I make my appointment no matter what. I show up, willing to be coach-able. I follow my coach’s advice – I love my thought “I am coachable.”

• Drop off Calhoun paperwork at bank.

I choose to drop my paperwork off at Coastal Bank for my Calhoun Project. When I walk in my bank, I smile and make eye contact with everyone. Each person in my bank sees me as a light of positive energy.

• Set appointment with Chiropractor.

I choose to set up my perfect appointment with my chiropractor. As I talk to my contact person who sets my appointment, I visualize receiving the most convenient time for me in relation to my full schedule.

When I was done helping her rewrite her ‘to do’ list, she was obviously more inspired by my version.

It may take about 10 minutes to write your daily ‘to do’ list using my conscious language approach and planning through it; not to it.

The extra 10 minutes is like sharpening your saw before you cut your lumber.

The little extra time in advance will make your day flow with ease and grace.

Two Simple Tips On How To Write Consciously

1. Replace the words ‘I need’ and ‘I want’ with ‘I choose’.
2. Replace the words ‘the’, ‘it’, ‘then’ and ‘they’ with ‘my’.

I hope you find this helpful in forming healthier and more productive habits as a real estate agent or lender.

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