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Making The Biggest Impact During The Holiday Season

It’s that time my friends…

Time to take a look at how you plan on making the biggest impact on the remaining months of 2021…. so that you make the biggest gains in the coming year.

The smartest thing you can do right now is to make sure that you re-connect with the most important people in your sphere…your past clients… best referrers… top business partners… everyone and anyone that you want to open back up conversation with and ensure that they NEVER forget you and the EXTRA something special that you bring.

It all starts with Thanksgiving.

We have been talking a lot about Thanksgiving recently BUT there’s something uniquely different that we teach and preach about this VERY impactful holiday. A strategy that we have proven to work, year after year, with an approach that is uniquely By Referral Only.

What’s so different about the By Referral Only Thanksgiving approach you say? I mean, most people just send a card or email right?


We teach an approach that is “From the Heart”. It’s a far cry from a generic holiday card that is no different than one that your dentist sends. (Do you really want to be as generic as a dentist?)

Watch this quick video and learn how to stand out, come “From the Heart” and…

How You Can Guarantee Calls and Direct Responses From Your Thanksgiving Marketing Efforts


Don’t miss out on what is one of the best reasons and best ways to connect all year long!

As Dan said, if you do nothing else, skip the generic card or email and get this Thanksgiving From The Heart email to send to your list. The holidays, and especially this year with COVID challenges, your people need you and your thoughtfulness more than ever. Coming From The Heart, showing them you CARE, demonstrating the kind of friend you truly are to them, and how you want them to know YOU ARE THERE whenever they need you…that will speak volumes this year.

You can get a proven plan and strategy to help you do this by grabbing our Done-For-You Thanksgiving Pie Kit.

For only $17 you have a proven way to reconnect with your tribe this Thanksgiving. We give you every email, every script, postcard, a timeline, and all of the follow-up to help ensure you get those referrals, reviews, and transactions that this campaign has proven to produce year after year for our members.

Plus, you’ll get an all-new Thanksgiving “From the Heart” email and accompanying social graphic like Dan read to you in the video. Post it to Facebook and send it to your entire email list. It is what will make you stand out head and shoulders above your competition…not just look like everyone else with a generic Thanksgiving well wish.

Whatever you choose…be truly be MEMORABLE…come from the heart and you can’t go wrong.



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