Lead Accelerator Day4 - Joe Stumpf's By Referral Only

Day 4: The Sure-Fire Way To Get The Attention Of Potential Buyers, Sellers, or Borrowers RIGHT NOW in Today’s Market

Are you struggling to get the attention of buyers, sellers, and borrowers in today’s ever-challenging marketplace? How exactly are you to get them to spend time with you when there’s so much noise, misinformation, and competition out there? It can be difficult, especially in the digital age where attention spans are short, and competition is high. But there are some tried and true methods you can use to stand out. From providing new and novel information to being consistent with your message, you can make sure your voice is heard above all others. 


In today’s short training, Coach Dan Paris shows you an approach that routinely works to bring in new opportunities and new business. Together, we’ll look at examples of postcards, emails, a landing page, and more, to ensure your message reaches the people it needs to.

The By Referral Only Dominate Your Farm Area Plan

Farming is a valuable marketing strategy that involves planting, nurturing, and cultivating leads that grow into future business. At By Referral Only, we believe that you should be THE go-to Agent or Lender in your area – in other words, we want you to Dominate Your Farm Area.

Farming is typically done in an area close to your home, where your connection to the community is strongest. But you can also choose an area where you do most of your business in. We suggest you set your budget and then choose your area accordingly. By Referral Only Members can use our system to choose and mail to their desired farm, which saves a ton of time, but you can always work with a local mail house to do this on your own if you are not a member.

Your second step after choosing your farm area is to create a customized and compelling postcard to reach your target home area. Coach Dan details why the By Referral Only card is written with the language to reach and compel people to take action and reach out to you. In addition to this Dominate Your Farm Area postcard mailing, another great way to connect with people and offer your report is by hosting client appreciation events.

Of course, you need to have a clear plan on what you are providing them with when they reach out. At By Referral Only, we give you a fabulous first impression of Dominate Your Farm Area Packet resources that you can print and provide to them. It includes:

  • Initial Postcard – this written-for-you and ready-to-customize postcard offers your leads additional free services to help you convert the Lead into an Appointment
  • Custom Landing Page to collect the leads
  • Room-By-Room Review Handout – This is an impressive and professional-looking PDF that you can print (or we can print for you) that gives valuable information about getting their house ready to list. It’s what sets you apart and shows your value.
  • Top Dollar Seller Booklet – BRO concierge set-up fees include 15 copies (you can always purchase more from the BRO Store)
  • You should also print out the MLS Report of all the homes for sale and those sold over the last 6 months – this is what you promised in your DYF postcard
  • Include Testimonials – include a minimum of three past client testimonials

For best results, physically drop off your Dominate Your Farm Area Packet.

  • NAR reports about 70% or more clients used the first Real Estate Professional they met
  • When you drop off your DYF packet, be prepared to engage. Review the provided By Referral Only “Drop off Packet script” located in the resources
  • Make sure you track the whole process so you know what stage you are in with each person who responds. If you are using the By Referral Only myClients CRM you can easily track your progress and create a well-oiled lead-incubating machine

To get access to our wildly popular Dominate Your Farm Area Campaign, activate your free 30-day trial, and tell your Marketing Implementation Specialist that you would like to see this campaign and all of the done-for-you assets we provide.

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The 1-Page Marketing Plan

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