Lead Accelerator Day3 - Joe Stumpf's By Referral Only

Marketing Approaches That Stand Out and Connect You On A Personal Level

One of the biggest mistakes we see in the marketing approach of most Real Estate Agents and Lending Professionals is that it’s forgettable.

Think about it. Which of these do you think is more memorable? A corporate broker-provided market update email or a personally written email that tells them why you are unique, that you truly care about them, and sets you up for a conversation and response from that recipient?

Sure, one is super easy, and the other requires thought, time, and skill, BUT in today’s featured tips, we are going to show you the exact words and why coming from a personal level gets you WAY MORE RESULTS.

The 7+ Essentials …and How They Can Make Marketing Your Business Easier

At By Referral Only, we have built-in several automated, written, and sent-for-you campaigns that are the cornerstone of our membership. It basically makes sure all of your marketing goes out consistently and in a way that gets a response.

We create and send these on behalf of our members each and every month. They include:

Today we are giving you an inside look into why these work so well to open conversations and get REAL RESULTS.

Lesson 1- This get’s them calling YOU!

*no credit card or commitment is required to take the trial.

Lesson 2: Over 100 responses each and every month!

Try any of these done-for-you, designed-for-you, and sent-for-you marketing pieces when you activate your free 30-day Trial of By Referral Only.

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*no credit card or commitment is required to take the trial.


The 1-Page Marketing Plan