Believing in yourself with Jae Wu: Self-Efficacy in Real Estate

Self-Efficacy Real Estate

Believing in yourself with Jae Wu: Self-Efficacy in Real Estate

Self-efficacy, or your belief in your own abilities to deal with various situations, can play a role in not only how you feel about yourself, but whether or not you successfully achieve your goals in life.

Sort of heavy, huh? Maybe, but it’s something we need to come face to face with. It’s who we surround ourselves with, who we let influence us, what we allow ourselves to think about that DIRECTLY reflects how successful we will be.

Self-Efficacy is a powerful concept worth your time to consider and ponder.

So take a listen to Jae Wu, one of my top achievers in BroVance (the By Referral Only advanced Coaching and Accountability Program) give an inspiring talk on this very subject.

I think it’s something most of us need to hear and reflect on today. It’s only about 7 ½ minutes and really think you’ll enjoy it.

After you finish watching this video I want you to ask yourself a question…are you plugged into a place, a supportive community, surrounding yourself with the people and thinkers that bring out the best in you? A community that encourages and supports you as well as gives you the tools and systems to help you along the way?

If your answer is no, come see what By Referral Only is all about.


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