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How You Can Leverage A Birthday To Generate A New Transaction

There are all sorts of things you can do to drum up new business as a real estate agent or lender. One tactic that may be underutilized is leveraging someone’s birthday. Not merely wishing them a happy birthday…but gathering the date itself. Believe it or not, the simple act of collecting someone’s birthdate is a great way to reconnect and open a conversation. In this post, we’ll discuss how you can use a person’s “most special day” to your advantage and generate some leads. So, whether you’re an agent or lender, be sure to read on for some valuable tips on this approach!

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What To Say…

In building a By Referral Only business, you’re trying to create a long-term, sustainable relationship with people.

“I’m looking at your records, and I just want to connect with you and get one more piece of information. Because I have your name… your mailing address and your email address, the one thing I don’t have, and I really would like to add to my records, is your birthdate. Because I’d love to celebrate that with you. Would you share that with me?”

It’s simple right?

The key to this is to make that personal call. Even if you could go online and get their birthday from Facebook…DON’T DO IT!… Call them personally and use the opportunity (and darn good reason) to personally connect/reconnect with them.  Remember…

Conversations = Opportunities = Transactions

What This Does To Make You Stand Out…

First, the act that you are personally reaching out to get this important information because you want to be sure you celebrate this great day with them…you already stand out. You are showing them that you care about THEM…not just selling to them. You show them they are more than that to you.

Then, when you send the actual email or letter on their birthday you need to do it in a way that is personal and not generic. When you take the time to send an email to them that reminds them that you know it’s their birthday, and you take it a step further with a beautiful birthday message that was created just for them… now you stand out and are VERY memorable because you went a step beyond.

Many people send a generic birthday card or email. WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT!  That’s what your dentist does.

At By Referral Only we create unique birthday messages that are specific to each day of the year. Our members can send these AUTOMATICALLY to those in their database using our robust MyClients system. Here’s an example of the Most Special Day Of The Year (birthday) message we send on behalf of our members.

Take us for a test drive today.


How You Use This System To Create Opportunities…

When you do this and collect birth dates, now you have a system.

  1. Collect the birthdate (or verify the birthdate even if you DO have it)
  2. Send them a unique and unforgettable birthday message on their birthday
  3. Follow-up with a phone call after their birthday to ensure they got the message and to wish them well

If you put a birthday system in place for 70% of all the people on your list, let’s say if you have 100 people, that’s 70 calls right there over the course of the year, just to acknowledge people on their birthday. That’s 70 opportunities!

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