How To Transform A Real Estate Script Into A Meaningful Conversation

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At By Referral Only we spend a lot of time working with our members to develop their language skills. Real Estate scripts are great IF you can move them from just reading words off a paper into meaningful, and action-gaining conversations.

So in today’s blog we want to give you a little peek into one of our recent member trainings where Coach Dan Paris and Agent Mandy Tanberg talk about how she made this progression and now is a flat out MASTER of referral-generation with the By Referral Only Initial Consultation scripts.


Script vs Dialog vs Conversation

A script is something you recite word for word. You’re going to talk over people. You’re not going to listen to people. You’re just going to recite it like it’s a commercial or a stage production.  Don’t get me wrong, it’ll still be good and work, but where you start to become powerful is where this becomes a dialog.

A dialog is when you take all the components and parts of scripts and you know what they are and what they say. You have them memorized. As Mandy says “you BECOME them and they are a reflection of you and your core values”. You don’t need to go through the exact words in order any longer, you know the language in “the opening”, the “my purpose”, the “four options”, the “permission to reject”, and the “5-6-7”. When you present, you may or may not quote them word for word any longer, they may no longer need to be in order, it now just flows naturally … now it’s a dialog. You’re putting YOU into it.

It evolves into a conversation when you don’t even start out talking, you start out listening to the answers to their questions and how they respond. You are able to take what they say and flow into it as the component answers to the dialogs.

So just know that it starts out as a script, becomes a dialogue, and evolves into a conversation. This comes with practice and dedication. Listen to Mandy speak about her journey with this and envision how you can do the same.

(She gives a great example using the “My Purpose” script. Check it out here.)

As Mandy explains, this is the By Referral Only way. We go to great lengths to lead our members through the script, dialog and conversation process so that they can quickly and efficiently learn how to open more and more conversations and get more and more referrals from them.

“..the dialogs became who I was as a person.”


So, as Mandy says, if drinking the By Referral Only “Kool-Aid” keeps her gaining more and more referrals and new transactions… CHEERS…let’s drink together!

Let us show you how we lead our members through this process and you too can get your hands on the scripts that Mandy and thousands of By Referral Only agents and lenders use each and every day. Take a free behind-the-scenes tour and see for yourself or learn about membership here.


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