Certified By Referral Only Consultant (CBROC) Designation - Joe Stumpf's By Referral Only

CBROC makes you look good in the eyes of everyone who refers you.

During this coursework, you’ll learn the tools, technology and dialogues to create a referral business that is consistent and predictable.

On your path to becoming a Certified By Referral Only Consultant, you’ll take 10 courses in the areas of:

  • The Referral Mindset
  • Generating Referrals When You Need Them
  • Time Management
  • Getting More Buyers
  • Getting More Listings
  • Creating A World-Class Client Experience
  • Increasing Your Productivity
  • Delivering A Remarkable Presentation
  • Master Business Planning
  • Referral Getting Dialogues

Once you have your CBROC designation, you’ll be listed in a national directory website. This resource will give your clients and prospects more details about your certification and will truly set you apart from other agents and lenders.


This is perhaps the most important of all systems you install in your business.

This course is comprised of 10 sessions that walk you through each of the 7+ Essential programs. Joe shares some tips, tricks and strategies ­including some effective follow­-up techniques.

Joe will also tell you what the most successful By Referral Only agents and lenders are doing with their 7+ Essentials and how it’s converting to referrals and sales for them.

And the course will end with some of the most frequently asked questions about launching your 7+ Essentials!

The 7+ Essentials are:

  • Fun Day Monday
  • Facebook from the Heart
  • Letters from to the Heart
  • Dates Close to the Heart
  • Most Special Day of the Year
  • Newsletter from the Heart
  • Business to Business Referral System
  • Referral Reminder Postcards

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Becoming Referable Guided Experience: 13 Sessions to discover and improve your personal referability.

In these sessions Joe Stumpf will lead you on the path of being Highly Referable. You will raise your self­awareness and uncover the biggest roadblocks, obstacles or challenges to improving your referability.

During this training series you will:

  • Develop the 10 character traits that lead to High Referability.
  • Identify the 10 behaviors you must stop if you choose to be Highly Referable.
  • Optimize your top relationships so you communicate the right way at the right time with the 4 levels of your Top 150 relationships.


This 5­-day coaching and accountability experience will give you everything you need to generate at least 2 referrals in 7 days. You’ll start with 40 names, addresses and phone numbers of people who know, like and trust you. During this class, you’ll make 40 connections via phone, text and notecards. If you’re ready to commit to creating a system that will generate referrals for the life of your business, this program is for you.


This course is comprised of 10 classes that will meet twice a week for five weeks. In that time, Joe will cover the 10 Essential Tools that will dramatically increase your productivity and grow your referral business exponentially!

During this training series, Joe will cover:

  • What makes a person truly productive
  • How do you learn best?
  • 4 keys to mental toughness
  • Slowing down your brain


Whether it’s your listing presentation, buyer broker presentation or loan consultation, you’ll deeply understand and know exactly how to create the trust that causes the prospect to want to be your client. This is a language intensive program that will require practicing scripts and dialogues. You’ll have Dialogue Buddy through the program role play and gain mastery of these dialogues.

This course is comprised of 10 training and coaching sessions with Script Buddy.


The Getting Listing System is a proven direct response marketing program that allows you to dominate an area of 1000 homes. You’ll get all the direct mail programs, newsletters scripts, and systems in a turnkey toolkit. It’s like a paint by numbers program that will produce a consistent flow of new business for you.


The Gardening Program is the most cost-effective, high- impact step-by-step system to turning every listing and buyer into a second or third transaction. You’ll discover what it means to double and triple your Return on Listing (ROL) and your Return on Buyer (ROB).


How much do you C.A.R.E.? From the moment you begin working with a new client, your intention is to create an experience that they are comfortable referring the people they care about to you during the process of selling, buying or borrowing. Over the last 30 years we have pinpointed the key touchpoint systems that must occur automatically throughout this process. You’ll receive time-tested templates and scripts that turn each transaction into two additional transactions during the client experience.


In this series we selected the 12 most extraordinary referral getting dialogues that are time tested and proven to get results by thousands of the best CBROC agents in the world. We will take one dialogue per class and you will practice and memorize it. Then we’ll practice using it. I will show you how to use these dialogues in between classes in your everyday communication ­ your phone calls, your in­ person discussions, your emails, your text messages, and your hand written notes.


In this course you’ll discover an entirely new way to look at time. As an entrepreneur, you are paid for results versus a person who is paid for time spent working. You’ll discover a model for time which you can apply to your daily schedule that allows you to be both reactive and proactive.

  • Reactive is quickly and effectively responding to whatever is occurring in the moment
  • Proactive is deciding in advance who and what will get your attention

Our vision for you and what we want for you is to love the 24 hours you get every day and be at peace with how you treat time and how time respects you. This is a game changing approach the time management for real estate consultants and mortgage consultants.


In this eye­-opening, mind expanding training you’ll discover what it means to look out 10­ to 25-­years and get a clear vision of what your life will look – like ­ not really knowing exactly how you’ll get there, but with a clear sense of purpose knowing that you’re driven by for filling your most important needs.

You’ll learn how to create the following:

  • 5­-year Intention
  • 3­-year Target
  • 1-­year Goal
  • 90­-day Project
  • Monthly Must Do
  • Daily Priority Action Plan

You’ll use the tools in this course for the rest of your life because they are timeless!


The 1-Page Marketing Plan

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