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5 Ways Agents & Lenders Should Adapt Their Marketing Strategy For Today’s Challenges

Agents & Lenders around the world are working harder than ever to generate a paycheck.

They are shucking and jiving, trying their best to cut through the noise and stay engaged with their client base and community. While there is still so much competition and challenges, it’s important to keep your marketing train rolling. (especially if you want to generate new sellers, which are GOLD right now!)

It’s time to do what we all do best in our industry – get creative and think out of the box. Our tribes and communities NEED for us to step up, provide more value, lead, guide, and protect them through the process of buying, selling and borrowing in today’s unpredictable challenges in business and life. So ask yourself, “How can I help them more? Be of more value? How can I be there in deeper and more authentic ways? How can I stand out and above my competition today?

Keep reading to learn how many Agents & Lenders are adapting their strategies to meet today’s challenging environment:


Increase Client Communication & Community Outreach

It’s one thing to have someone on your email list, it’s another to actually NURTURE your relationships and create a sense of community. When you connect authentically and deeply with people, especially during challenging times, you cross that bridge of marketing and selling and create real long-lasting relationships.

Being a regular voice of care and guidance can be very comforting to those in your community. Connect through phone, email, text, mail, and social to meet people where they’re comfortable (not what’s comfortable for you) and show them that you are there for them in the exact way they want you to be.


Be REAL and Transparent

This is a really important one. Being totally honest, real, and transparent with your clients (and potential clients) is one of the most important things you can do right now. While it’s important to give them reassurance, don’t BS them! They will see through it. It’s ok that you don’t know all of the answers, or what the future brings. People will respect you when you share your real and authentic opinion, and that may be that you don’t know all of the answers right now. People will respect your honesty and that will speak volumes and build trust in ways you can never imagine.

Find Referral Partners

There has never been a better time to start new partnerships with local businesses and service providers than right now. Building these relationships is beneficial because you are positioned as the connector of all of the important and qualified services, businesses, and places in your community and your referral partners will be happy to refer to you since you are a promoter of them. It’s a great way to connect more in the community and offer MORE than your competition. At By Referral Only we offer our members many programs and tools to help find, build and nurture the bonds you have with local businesses and referral partners.


Offer Your Free Resources & Guidance

In trying times we should always make it a priority to step up and GIVE more. Now more than ever, your clients are in need of your leadership, expertise, and protection. They don’t want to be “sold”, they want to feel led and reassured about their relationship with you. You should always be asking, “What else can I do to support my clients?”

This is especially true today with the increasing challenge of multiple offers and low inventory realities. The pain of bidding wars is REAL! (I know, preaching to the choir:-)

At By Referral Only, we offer countless tools and written-for-you/done-for-you resources that you can brand and send out to clients to SHOW your expertise, value, and HELP THEM through the process of buying, selling, and borrowing. Take a tour and see for yourself the cool stuff you have access to as a By Referral Only member.


Continue To Pivot As Needed

Over the last years, many of us had to do the biggest pivot of our careers….and here’s the thing…we will probably continue to do so. The world is in one big fat tornado of change and we have to be ready to pivot with each change of the wind. There is no going back to the way it was, there will only be the NEW way we do things. Embrace these changes, find solutions, push forward and you’ll do just fine.


Remember, The Future Looks Bright!

These are challenging BUT exciting times! Make sure you remind yourself of that daily and let that positivity shine onto those around you.  When you remain the positive, “in the know”, and the most supportive Agent or Lender that you can be to your tribe, the more memorable and connected you will be. Always be the one most excited about the future of our industry and clients will remember how you supported them through the many ups and downs.

At By Referral Only, we stepped into this year with a renewed sense of determination and dedication to our community.  We hear you and we are ready to provide you with  MORE training, tools, and resources that are relevant (and necessary) for today’s shifting challenges in our industry.

In essence, we vowed to give you more VALUE than ever before. This really is THE TIME to focus on building relationships and providing MORE value…and your business is no different.

So ask yourself, “How will your clients look at you and how you have adapted and improved what you offer during these challenging days?” Are you memorable?…Authentic?…Showing Value?

If you are having a hard time doing that, we have your back. More info here.


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