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The 4 Unexpected Ways That A Client Pays You (hint: only one is actually money)

The science of making a decision, particularly when we’re talking about working with leads, is something that Joe Stump, founder of By Referral Only has written extensively on. In fact, he wrote a book called Lead Conversion: The Psychology, Art and Science of Converting a Lead to a Commission Check.

What Joe writes about in this book is the fact that people pay you in four ways…4 different currencies before they ever pay with money.

Currency #1: They Pay You With Attention

When someone is thinking about buying or selling a home, they pay with their attention first. They look for you, or they notice something that you send them in the mail, email, or maybe on social media. They look into you and decide if you are the one they want to invest further with.


Currency #2: They Pay You With Time

After they’re done paying with their attention, they pay with time. They have a listing consultation with you. They fill out an application for a loan. They go look at homes with you and the thing they have to use in order to pay you at this point… is time.


Currency #3: They Pay You With Trust

They already paid you with their attention. They have paid you with time. Now, through this whole process, the one thing that they need to pay you with over and over again if they’re going to make that next step is… they pay with trust. It’s shown to them over and over through the process. You guide, lead and protect them…showing them that they can trust you through your words and especially your actions.


Currency #4: They Pay You With Money

Finally, at the end of the transaction, what traditional real estate agents will call the closing, then they pay with money. However, we need to give them different levels of information and data and what they need for them to make that progress from attention to money.


How Do You Get Them To Stick With You Through This Process?

The How Much MORE Is My Home Worth Today? Complete Marketing Toolkit is the newly updated version of or previous By Referral Only What’s My Home Worth Campaign. This updated and improved version directly answers the question that every homeowner is wondering… “How is today’s competitive market affecting my home value?”  It’s designed to GRAB their ATTENTION by answering that question and so you can gain their trust and lead them to list, buy or borrow.

There is a lot of art and science that went into this program. Our By Referral Only members are seeing great results from it and now you too can grab this program to try for yourself.


Answer The Questions Already In The Minds Of Homeowners Right Now

Homeowners that have used this last year to really fix things up, tackle those home projects that they had been ignoring, and make their homes look and live better than ever before. They haven’t even entertained the thought of selling…BUT…curiosity is certainly getting the best of them, and knowing their current market “home worth” number could open the conversation up to possibilities… OR…

Seeing their neighbors and friends sell for thousands, tens of thousands…in some places…hundreds of thousands over asking price has many homeowners wondering about their home worth and the possibility of selling…for the right price. However, many are worried about not finding another place in time and are scared about the whole selling process right now.

That’s where you come in…

This completely done-for-you toolkit that we put together for you is going to open up conversations, and it’s going to do that through a series of well-planned, done-for-you emails, postcards, social media posts, conversations, scripts, and dialogues. At By Referral Only we specialize in creating and teaching you the right words to use at the right time that compel people to take action. This one of those no-brainer tools that makes it easy and gives you everything you need to successfully generate new listings FAST!

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