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4 Questions To Make Sure You’re Creating Social Media Posts That Get Attention and Generate Engagement

Marketing a Real Estate or Lending business is like being a well-paid juggler — you’ve got direct mail in one hand, local advertising in another, and somewhere above you hangs your social media strategy.

And that’s just to name a few of the marketing strategies you’ve got on your plate. With all of these “marketing balls” bidding for your time, it can start to get really hard to keep those balls in the air and keep the juggle consistent.

We all know how important Social Media Marketing is these days– a recent poll shows that social media consumption is up 72% and posting has increased 43% since the pandemic onset. (Digital Commerce 360 Research)

Even though many of us don’t like how negative and aggravating social media has been recently, one thing remains the same, your clients are there, your potential leads are there, so YOU MUST BE THERE as well.

But just being there isn’t good enough anymore. You have to be more than an Agent or Lender reminding them to buy, sell or borrow. You have to be more than one post every few weeks (or months, for some of you).

You have to be all in, and post in a way that is genuine… that builds relationships… that brings valuable content… and in a way that makes people drawn to you.

Here are 4 questions to make sure you’re posting the way your audience wants you to:

Question #1: Are you posting only about Real Estate?

Yes, I know you are trying to get people to buy or list with you, and I know you want them to borrow or refinance with you…BUT every post doesn’t have to be just about that.

People want to do business with people… not business names…

When all you do is post about the business of real estate or lending then all they do is associate you with a business name. When you open up YOU as a person, to get to know, relate to, and connect with, you are now more of a friend to them.

Friends that post valuable, interesting and fun content will never get unfollowed. On the flip of that, if your followers are no longer in the market for a home or loan, and all you do is post only about that, why would they want to continue seeing your posts? Now you’ve lost the opportunity to stay on their radar to connect with, get referrals from, and continue to nurture your relationship with them.

Find out what posts work best here.

Question #2: Are delivering value?

Create the content your audience craves to lighten the burden of lockdown, whether that’s diverting them with entertaining or funny posts, connecting people and businesses within your online community, or helping people improve their emotional health.

This isn’t to say you can’t post your listing, mortgage rates, or remind them that you’re there to lead, guide, and protect them through the process of buying, selling or borrowing… BUT if that’s all you say, you’re risking their unfollow.

Times are stressful. Times are heavy. Lighten that load by bringing valuable information and joy into their feed.

They want to be shown helpful info and tips, they love funny and inspirational memes and posts, and they want to see you and your genuine personality show. They want to know about YOU… as a person… not just hear about your business and service.

Question #3: Are you building up and bringing together your social community?

Staying at home means isolation and loneliness for many people. Acknowledge it by finding ways to bring people together through your social posts.

Contests, online events, live video chats to have “screen-to-screen” conversations with your social community are all ways to bring people together in unique and safe ways.

In other words… HAVE SOME FUN with your social media tribe. It’s a great way to gain new followers (these things get shared!) and help break up the heaviness that can live on social media.

Learn how to implement this type of strategy here.

Question#4: Are you posting to open a conversation?

We’re all aware of the importance of engaging with fans & followers—social media marketing is no longer about just making a post or sending a message, it’s about having a real conversation with the customer.

But how do we do that? How do we open conversations on what seems like a very impersonal way of communicating? Look, we’re not saying that it’s easy. Yes, it takes work and it takes time, but when you shift your posting strategy away from selling and towards relationship-building, you’ll start to see your followers commenting and responding more and more to your content.

THIS is when conversations can be started… and we all know conversations = opportunities and opportunities= transactions!

Use these questions to make sure your social media marketing is meeting people where they are today… right now in 2021. The temperature on social media is ever-changing, and what worked last year isn’t exactly what people are wanting from you today.

You must shift to this new 2021 social media marketing approach, build those relationships, stay genuine and empathetic to today’s crazy world, and be that bright light that appears in their social feed. THAT’s how you stand out in today’s new world of social media marketing in real estate.




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