The 3-Step Process That Turns Your Email Into A Conversation (and Transaction!)

The 3-Step Process That Turns Your Email Into A Conversation (and Transaction!)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve always been a phone person. I prefer to talk with my clients and make connections that way. But in this day and age, email is essential for building your business as well as maintaining relationships.

But not just any old email…

To generate real estate conversations and transactions, the email needs to stand out, be genuine, and remind them why YOU are worthy of their referral. I’m going to share our simple 3-step process that will turn your email into a conversation and eventual transaction!


1. Use the My Purpose Script during your first meeting with a new client.
2. Live up to your promise and deliver amazing service that makes them want to give you at least 2 referrals before their transaction closes.
3. Send our Magic Email near the end of the transaction.


The first time you meet with a new client to discuss buying, selling, or borrowing, you want to use our proven “My Purpose Script”.

Our highest paid Agents and Lenders use the My Purpose Script with every client because it communicates that your “purpose” is to provide them with such incredible service that they will happily introduce you to at least two people before the transaction closes.

Use this script with every client during the first face-to-face meeting…

“It’s important that YOU know, my purpose is for YOU to be so outrageously happy with the help I provide that you’ll gladly introduce me to at least two people you really care about before your transaction closes. Not because you feel obligated, but because you truly believe they’ll benefit.”

Every word of this script has been carefully tested and PROVEN to work by the top Agents and top Lenders in our industry. The script is simple, easy to use, and it has the power to turn every transaction into 1-2 additional transactions.

When you use our proven My Purpose Script during your first meeting with the client, it plants a very powerful “Referral Seed” in the client’s mind. It makes it easy to ask for referrals ANYTIME you want during the transaction. (Notice this NOT when the transaction is over…it’s DURING the transaction. Very important.)

This script sets the Magic Email (step 3) up for instant success.


Your job now is to provide amazing guidance and service, as you lead, guide, and protect your client through the transaction. Believe me, when you do this, ANY TIME you ask for that referral, you’re going to get it!


When you use the My Purpose Script first, all of your clients will know exactly what you’re talking about when you send them the Magic Email… and as long as you’ve provided them with exceptional service, they’ll do everything in their power to give you at least 2 referrals before their transaction closes.

The Money-Making “MAGIC” Email is the deal sealer when it comes to getting 1-2 referrals quickly.

It’s a simple email but the difference is…it always gets a reply back…and most of the time, the client gives at least one referral immediately.

Get the Money-Making Email and guidance on how to make this 3-step process work for you here.