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7+ Essentials – Installing an automated system that communicates to your relationship base is the first step in creating a sustainable business. Your relationship base of 150 people over time becomes your most valuable business asset. During this course we will upload you’re contact data into the MyClients CRM. We will then do all the direct communication to your people for you. We are on your team as your referral assistant. There are all different, high-impact communications that will be both direct mailed and emailed for you. You’ll get all the scripts and dialogues, tips, tricks and strategies – including some effective follow-up techniques.

Becoming Referable – After you have launched the 7+ Essential System you will begin to install an organized approach to raise your Referability Factor. There are 7 key strategies, mindsets and habits that you’ll discover which will cause your Return on Relationship to soar.
You’ll discover the shifts in your personality that result in making you highly referable. Becoming Referable is one of the foundation trainings that will easily raise your self-awareness and uncover the biggest roadblocks, obstacles or challenges to improving your referability.

Two Referrals in Seven Days – This 7-day coaching and accountability experience will give you everything you need to generate at least 2 referrals in 7 days. We will give you the exact language for your phone calls, text messages and follow-up note cards. Most importantly, you’ll eliminate any reluctance or resistance you’ve had in the past to connecting with your database. Using our proven step-by-step method, you’ll get at least one new opportunity for every 4 full communications you have during this 7-day coaching and accountability program. You’ll love this refreshing approach to working your client base.

Business Planning Mastery – In this course you’ll discover your 20-Year Vision, 5-Year Intention, 3-Year Target, 1-Year Goal, 90-Day Priorities, Ideal Week, and your Daily To-Do’s. During this amazingly powerful program you’ll write your “One Page Plan”. It’s the simplest way to think about the three key elements of a doable business plan. Accurately defining the goal for each unit of your business, clearly detailing who will do what in each unit, and the nonnegotiable rules that guide the organizations thinking and actions.

Power Productivity – There are 10 specific habits and rituals that the most successful agents and lenders have woven into their life as patterns and disciplines. You’ll discover one new Power Productivity Practice per class. The outcome that thousands of By Referral Only members have experienced is more peace of mind, more control, far less stress, and a clear sense of daily focus. Installing these 10 practices into your life are guaranteed to increase your personal productivity by 50%.

Delivering A Remarkable Presentation – Now that you’ve become more referable you’ll be going on more listing appointments, meeting with more referred buyers, and getting more opportunities to help people get loans. Crafting a remarkable presentation is about mastering the art, science and psychology of persuasion. You’ll discover the language patterns, sequence, and structure that will not only give you the competitive difference, but will also set you up, right from the beginning, to get more introductions. Be prepared to revamp your old presentation and master the art of having a meaningful conversations that gets results.

Getting Listings and Gardening – The Getting Listing System is a proven direct response marketing program that allows you to dominate an area of 1000 homes. You’ll get all the direct mail programs, newsletters scripts and systems in a turnkey toolkit. It’s like a paint by numbers program that will produce a consistent flow of new business for you.

The Gardening Program is the most cost effective high impact step-by-step system to turning every listing and buyer into a second or third transaction. You’ll discover what it and to double and tripe your Return on Listing (ROL) and your Return on Buyer (ROB).

Getting Referrals – The only thing you can’t delegate in your business is what you say when you speak. Knowing what to say and how to say it is the difference between making $50,000 a year vs $500,000 a year. In this amazing course you’ll master at least a dozen different ways to have an intelligent referral conversation. You’ll know when to plant referral seeds and when to harvest referrals. This course has taken 30 years of study and field testing and will become one of the most valuable skills you’ll ever learn. The training is priceless.

Time Made Easy – The clear sign between an amateur and a pro is how they relate to time. In our industry we must master both reactive time and proactive time. We do this by installing a simple system of Recovery Time, Remodel Time and Results Time into our daily schedule. Since we are only paid for the results we create, and not for our actual time, it’s imperative that you treat time as your most valuable commodity. Using this Time Management Approach you’ll form a healthy, happy, and in control relationship with time and life.

Creating A Referable Experience – How much do you C.A.R.E.? From the moment you begin working with a new client, your intention is to create an experience that they are comfortable referring the people they care about to you during the process of selling, buying or borrowing. Over the last 30 years we have pinpointed the key touchpoint systems that must occur automatically throughout this process. You’ll receive time-tested templates and scripts that turn each transaction into two additional transactions during the client experience.


The 1-Page Marketing Plan

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