Why do we use it?

Why do we use it?

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So coming up, we’re about six weeks out now, we’ll do the Launch Masterclass and I’ll do it as four – I’m considering maybe even five – live training sessions over 10 days or something like that.

I’m going to walk you through how to do a launch – of course using my Product Launch Formula®. And full transparency here, this Launch Masterclass is actually my launch for Product Launch Formula because at the end of the free Launch Masterclass, I’ll open up my yearly class for Product Launch Formula.

So it’s all very, very exciting. I’m getting deep into the planning now and I’m basically walking through my own process. You can say, I eat my own cooking – I eat my own food… Or sometimes people say, “You eat your own dog food.” So that means I’m looking at the process in Product Launch Formula that we take people through.

So we look at, first of all, “What do you want from your launch? What outcome? What’s your goal?” That might sound a little like, “Well why do you bother with that? I just want to make a bunch of money.” But there’s lots of different reasons to do a launch and that will impact your strategy. For instance, some people might be more interested in the list build. Some people might be more interested in having the greatest impact – reaching the largest number of people. Some people will want to make more sales at a lower price. Some people want to maximize dollars, which might mean selling at a higher price. So there are a lot of different possible goals or outcomes that you want for your launch. So that’s one thing that you start off with.

And then we move into assets. We always think, “What are your assets? What do you have? What in terms of list, in terms of following, in terms of partners, in terms of contacts, in terms of media, in terms of product, in terms of bonuses? And that’s just sort of scratching the surface. There are lots of different assets you can bring to the table and you want to look at that complete list of assets because the launch is all about focusing the maximum impact on that moment in time. I mean, that’s why I love launches because it’s just such a special time. The beginning of anything is super exciting to begin with. When a baby is born, a wedding, a graduation, the start of something… there’s this inherent excitement in the start and you want to capture it, so you want to focus everything. So you want to look at what are your assets.

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