How Referable Are You?

How Referable Are You?

If you can answer 12 simple questions, I can tell you how referable you are. But before you do that, why is it important to be referable?

When you build your biz on the foundation of referrals and repeat clients as its core mindset, then you can and will create the most sustainable, most enjoyable and of course the most profitable business possible! The real estate industry is changing the real estate transactions are becoming more complex. Tech is more integrated into our daily rituals. And the industry is much, much more competitive.

People always ask me, “What is going to change in the real estate industry in the next 5-10 years?”

My response is, “I have no idea what the new technologies are going to be and how that will affect our industry.”

What I do know is what WON’T change:

The last 100 feet of the transaction will never be digitized. No matter what new technologies emerge, it will always require an agent to mediate the conversation between buyer and seller. It is a one-of-kind purchase, and when two people are involved you always have emotions.

Everything else can be digitized – lead generation, lead conversion, and the transaction process itself.

The agent who is the most referable – the skilled communicator and relationship builder – will be the most successful!

Growing a referral business requires an expanded consciousness, a deep commitment to self-awareness, and an ongoing willingness to stay on the path to referral mastery.

The good news is that building a referral based business is something that everyone can do. It does require the desire to be the highest level of yourself and show up – all the time – as referable! It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it!

Click here to take the Referability Assessment then click here for a podcast on the 12 questions and answers that the most referable agents and lenders give.